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Former Chairman of Changchun Yingpu Magnetoelectric Technology Development Co., Ltd., Professor of Physics Department of Jilin University. Engaged in higher education for 40 years. Served as the head of the Department of Applied Magnetism, Department of Physics, Jilin University (1984-1996); concurrently served as a member of the first and second academic committees (1987-1996) of the Magnetic Open Laboratory of the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Member of the first, second, and third (1979-1995) Council; Member of the Second Council of China Metrology and Testing Society (1984-1989); Member of the First Engineering Technology Committee of the National Magnetic Materials Engineering Technology Research Center (1992-2002) . After taking part in higher education, he has been engaged in teaching work focusing on magnetic measurement. In 1980, he began to recruit graduate students with a professional direction: magnetic measurement. More than 30 graduate students have been trained. In addition to teaching work, he insists on researching magnetic measurement technology and instruments, and has successfully developed more than 30 new types of magnetic measurement instruments for research and production of new materials, magnetic application technology, petroleum development, and development of large motors. Form product series. Among them, the JDM-1 micro-vibration sample magnetometer won the third prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 1985. In recent years, a variety of new magnetic field forming equipment, automatic magnetic steel testing devices, multiple electromagnets, permanent magnet series, and electromagnetic coil magnetic fields have been developed. , And a variety of magnetic applications, magnetoelectric technology development and other equipment, have been widely used in China. Enjoy the special allowance of the State Council. 

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