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Coil HLY10-10 design scheme

u Product specifications

· The HLY10-10 Round Helmholtz Coil from China manufacturers is a device used to generate a uniform magnetic field. It consists of two sets of coaxial circular coils separated by a certain distance. When the same current is passed through, an approximately uniform magnetic field is generated.

Here are the unique features and benefits of this product: 

Uniform magnetic field: Circular Helmholtz coils are designed to produce a highly uniform magnetic field between the two sets of coils, making them ideal for physics experiments and magnetic field calibration.

Easy to adjust: Users can adjust the strength and direction of the magnetic field by changing the current intensity or the distance between coils, providing flexible magnetic field control.

Wide Application: This device is very useful in scientific research, medical imaging, magnetic resonance equipment calibration, etc. It is commonly used to calibrate magnetic field sensors, study magnetic materials, and simulate the Earth's magnetic field.

Low interference: Due to its design characteristics, the Round Helmholtz Coil generates a uniform magnetic field while generating less external magnetic field interference, making it suitable for applications requiring a low-interference environment.

Simple structure: The structure of the circular Helmholtz coil is relatively simple, easy to assemble and maintain, and the cost is relatively low, making it a commonly used equipment in many laboratories and research institutions.


u Electrical parameters

· The DC cold power supply is about 5.7 Ω;

· Coil insulation resistance 10 MΩ.

u Cooling method

· Natural cooling

u Size and Quality

· Equivalent coil diameter 200mm, coil spacing 80mm

· The overall weight is about 4Kg

u Magnetic field parameters

· The central magnetic field intensity is 1.2mT@1A, and the B/I coefficient is 1.2mT/A

· In the center Sφ50mm area, the uniformity is better than 1%

· In the center Sφ28mm area, the uniformity is better than 0.1%


u Scheme drawing

u Curve

u Accessories


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power cable


Probe rack


user's manual


Product manual


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u Option

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Aluminum frame material


PMMA frame material


Manual lift sample table


Manual rotation of the sample stage