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Advanced DC Magnetic Field Helmholtz Coil and AC Magnetic Field Helmholtz Coil are two different types of Helmholtz coils used to generate DC and AC magnetic fields. These two types of coils differ in applications and characteristics, here is their detailed explanation:


DC Magnetic Field Helmholtz Coil refers to a Helmholtz coil that can generate a stable DC magnetic field. It usually consists of two parallel, identical circular coils, and each coil is powered by a DC power supply. When current flows through the coil, a constant magnetic field is produced. This magnetic field is relatively uniform in the area between the two coils, making it suitable for laboratory testing, magnetic field calibration, and research.
The main applications of DC Helmholtz coils include:
Sensor calibration: used to calibrate electronic compasses, magnetic sensors, and other equipment.
Scientific experiment: Study physical phenomena under static magnetic fields.
Magnetic field environment simulation: simulate the earth's magnetic field or other constant magnetic field environment.

Advanced AC Magnetic Field Helmholtz Coil is a Helmholtz coil used to generate alternating magnetic fields. It is similar to a DC coil, but is powered by an AC power source and produces a magnetic field that changes with time. AC Helmholtz coils are usually used in applications that require changing magnetic fields, such as simulating AC electromagnetic fields, studying electromagnetic induction, etc.
The main applications of AC Helmholtz coils include:
Electromagnetic induction experiment: Study the effect of alternating magnetic fields on conductive materials.
Magnetic field interference test: Test the anti-interference ability of electronic equipment under alternating magnetic fields.
Electromagnetic compatibility: Evaluates the performance of equipment in alternating magnetic fields.


The main difference between the two is the nature of the magnetic field and its application areas. DC coils are suitable for testing and research with constant magnetic fields, while AC coils are suitable for applications with alternating magnetic fields. Both Magnetic Field Helmholtz Coils have a wide range of applications in laboratory and industrial settings.