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AC electromagnet

AC electromagnet


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  The AC electromagnet can generate an alternating magnetic field with adjustable amplitude in the frequency range of 50~499Hz. This equipment can be used to conduct various experiments on material properties under alternating magnetic fields.



The electromagnet is made of a special silicon steel sheet into an E-shaped magnetic yoke, which is used to fix the air gap. The two ends of the pole are assembled with the excitation wire package. The magnet is seated upright, and the magnetic field is in the vertical direction.

The pole face of the electromagnet is square 45*45mm2, the air gap is 10mm, and the highest magnetic field HX is better than 10000Gs. The frequency is continuously adjustable from 45Hz to 499Hz; the magnetic field is continuously adjustable, and the highest magnetic field can reach 1.0T (amplitude value, the same below). The magnetic field at 100Hz can reach a maximum value of 0.5T; at 200Hz, it is about 0.2T. The magnetic field can reach 200~300Gs at 499Hz.

Uniformity zone: the magnetic field uniformity ΔH/H is about 0.03 in the center of the magnetic field Φ10*10mm3.

Working time: It adopts the power-on operation under low current density, and the cable package has vents and is cooled by air cooling to ensure that the temperature rise is less than 20 ℃ when the magnetic field is at the highest rated value.

AC power supply, power 12KW. The maximum single-phase output voltage is 300V, the rated output current is 40A, and the load regulation rate is 0.5%. Voltage and frequency are adjustable; frequency adjustable range is 50~499Hz; display interface: voltage, current, frequency and power indicating instrument.

The net weight of the electromagnet is about 150Kg.

The AC electromagnet with adjustable air gap is under development, please stay tuned for the result!



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