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YP series high precision DC power supply

YP series high precision DC power supply


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YP series high precision DC power supply

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         YP series power supplies are high-precision DC constant current power supplies designed for inductive loads such as electromagnets and coils. The maximum power supply is 7.8 KW, and the minimum is 10W. YP series power supply has high stability, 100ppm stability under high power; wide range, 0.1mA~10A, adjustment step 0.1mA; panel FSTNLCD display, button type setting control; standard USB computer interface, complete command set; automatic Scanning function, three scanning modes. The durable DC electromagnet source is a product specifically designed to generate a stable magnetic field. It usually consists of a coil, iron core, and power supply.

The coil is the core component of the DC power supply. It is made of conductors, usually copper or aluminum wires. When an electric current is passed through a coil, it produces a magnetic field whose strength is directly proportional to the magnitude of the current.

Secondly, the iron core is a component used to enhance and concentrate the magnetic field, usually made of magnetic materials such as iron. The presence of the iron core can greatly increase the strength of the magnetic field and make it more concentrated and stable.

Finally, the high-precision DC power supply provides a stable current to the electromagnet, ensuring the stability and accuracy of the magnetic field.

By precisely controlling the magnitude and direction of the current, the DC power supply can accurately adjust the intensity and direction of the magnetic field generated by the electromagnet to meet the needs of different application scenarios, such as scientific experiments, industrial production, etc. The durable DC electromagnet source in high-precision DC power supply is a key component with important application value.

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