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AC power/pulse power

AC power/pulse power


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AC power/pulse power

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   AC power supply and pulsed power supply are applied to the demand for AC magnetic field and pulsed magnetic field. The realization of the AC magnetic field is largely limited to the AC power supply. The design of the magnetic field must fully consider the operating range and technical indicators of the power supply. The design of the load and the AC source parameters must be closely integrated to maximize the magnetic field and optimize the design. The advanced AC Magnetic Field Coil of China is one of the key components used to generate and control magnetic fields. This coil is usually made of wire, and its design and purpose vary depending on the specific application needs.


In AC power systems, a Magnetic Field Coil is used as part of the transformer. Transformers convert the voltage of an AC power source from one circuit to another through the principles of electromagnetic induction, often used to reduce or increase voltage levels. AC Coil is made of a coil around the magnetic core of the transformer. When current passes through it, the magnetic field it generates will cause the magnetic flux in the core to change, thereby realizing the transmission of voltage.


On the other hand, AC Coil in pulse power supplies is commonly used in applications such as electromagnetic drives, solenoid valves, and magnetically controlled switches. These devices use a momentary current generated by a pulsed power supply to activate the AC Coil, thereby producing a momentary magnetic field. This magnetic field generates and disappears very quickly, allowing these devices to complete the required operations, such as switching, pushing, pulling, etc., in a very short time.


Whether in AC power or pulse power, the design and control of the advanced AC Magnetic Field Coil of china is crucial. Their parameters such as the number of turns, current, and conductor material all affect the strength and stability of the generated magnetic field. Therefore, in engineering design, its parameters must be accurately calculated and selected to ensure that the required electromagnetic performance is met.

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