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High uniformity combined coil

High uniformity combined coil


Helmholtz coil/field coil

Compound magnetic field coil

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     The high uniformity coil is composed of multiple loop coils arranged along the axial direction. The more common ones are Buckler coils, Brownbeck coils, Maxwell coils, Rebes coils, and momentless coils. Compared with the Helmholtz coil, this combined coil has better magnetic field uniformity under the same diameter, can improve the uniformity of the coil in an effective space, expand the uniformity range, and is suitable for high-precision and wide-range magnetic fields. This design accepts any parameter customization.


Serial number name model  The main technical parameters Product Image
1 Buckle four loop coil HL4Y32-30 Four-ring coil, central magnetic field strength: 30Gs; magnetic field uniformity: ΔH/H=5*10-4; uniform area: Φ120*260mm; average coil diameter: 640mm; continuous working time: 24 hours; power supply: 180W



2 Maxwell three coil HL3Y50-2 Three-ring coil, central magnetic field strength: 10Gs; magnetic field center uniformity: 5*10-4; uniformity area: Φ200*200mm; maximum coil diameter: 1000mm; AC and DC dual purpose; coil can be rotated and the inclination angle can be adjusted.



3 Four-ring square coil HL4F90-5

Four-ring square coil, central magnetic field strength: 5 Gs; magnetic field uniformity: ΔH/H=5*10-3;

Uniform area: Φ500*1000mm; side length 1800mm; power supply: 540W

4 Buckle six loop coil HL6Y10-1 Buckle's six-ring coil, the central magnetic field strength: 1.0Gs; the uniformity of the magnetic field: ΔH/H=1*10-3; the uniform area: Φ40*100mm; the average diameter of the coil: 200mm; the total length of 260mm.
5 One-dimensional eight-loop coil HL8Y10-1.2 Eight-loop coil, central magnetic field strength: 1.2Gs; magnetic field uniformity: ΔH/H=1*10-3; uniform zone length: 500mm; average coil diameter: 540mm; total length 1600mm.


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