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WDS type single yoke double adjustable electromagnet

WDS type single yoke double adjustable electromagnet


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WD Model Electromagnet

WDS Model Electromagnet

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1.1 Overview

This chapter introduces the basic parameters of electromagnets, including overview (1.1), basic structure (1.2), general specifications (2.2), magnetic field

Strength (2.3).

WD series electromagnet is a single yoke (C-type structure) bidirectional adjustable air gap magnetic field generator. Under the excitation of the excitation power supply, magnetic.

The field forms a closed loop, a uniform strong magnetic field can be generated between the two poles, and the direction of the magnetic field is along the axis of the pole head. All models (except WD-50)

The standard configuration can replace the pure iron pole head, and the pole head can be replaced to adapt to different experimental requirements. The pure iron structure is conducive to the heat dissipation of the coil, but alsoOptional water cooling device to extend working time.


●Producing a strong magnetic field

●Magnetic field strength and magnetic field range are adjustable

●Good magnetic field uniformity

●Open operating space

●High degree of customization

Scope of application

●Magnetic material measurement field

Hall effect, magneto-optical effect, magnetoresistance effect, magnetostriction research

●Magnetization and demagnetization of magnetic materials

●Scientific research direction related to magnetic field

Type of magnetic field.

Constant magnetic field

Gradient magnetic field

Compound magnetic field

●Alternating magnetic field

1.2 Basic structure

The standard WD series electromagnet adopts single horizontal yoke and double vertical yoke structure (C-frame) to guide the magnetic circuit, adjust the handle/adjust the handwheel

1.4 Magnetic field strength

The central magnetic field strength of the electromagnet is affected by many factors, including air gap, pole face size, excitation current, etc. Due to the material of the iron core

The nature of the material makes a non-linear relationship between the strength of the central magnetic field and the excitation current (B/I). Chart 1.4-1~1.4-6 provides different types

The relationship curve of magnetic field strength and power of No. WD series electromagnet under different air gaps.

Please consult our company for more and more detailed magnetic field parameters.

Chapter 2 Use Environment and Installation

2.1 Overview

This chapter introduces the installation of the electromagnet and the support required during the installation process, including environmental support (2.2), unpacking inspection

(2.3), installation (2.4), accessories (2.5).

The content of this chapter is applicable to most models of WD series solenoids. Individual content may vary due to the characteristics of customized products.

Please consult our company before purchase and operation.

2.2 Environmental support

Consider the following factors before choosing installation and use:

Magnetic field environment: Reduce the surrounding magnetic field as much as possible, such as nearby energized wires, high-power transformers, elevator installations and other similar

Electromagnetic device.

Peripheral equipment should not be close to large ferromagnetic objects, such as steel bars in buildings, furniture with iron skeletons, and machine tools.

The ground or platform on which the electromagnet is placed on the bearing mechanism must have sufficient rigidity.

The environment supports an electromagnet cooling water system that can operate in accordance with the designed thermal efficiency. Room temperature is within the normal range, and has good

Good ventilation. The relative humidity is within the normal range to avoid condensation.

For equipment loading and unloading, ensure that there is enough equipment handling space and enough elevator load. Has the solenoid to be installed safely and

The equipment is moved and supervised by professional personnel.

Other factors one: Reserve enough space for operation and use; comply with local safety, electrical and building codes. ,

2.3 Unpacking inspection

Check the shipping box for damage. If the outer packaging is damaged or the fixed structure of the transportation is damaged, please check whether the goods are in good condition

And whether it can work normally. Keep all packaging materials, products, and accessories for return.

If the goods lack parts, or have mechanical damage or defects (surface or internal), please inform our company.

If there are signs of damage to the fixed structure, please notify the company and the carrier in time, and keep the packaging and transportation fixed structure for the carrier's inspection.

2.4 installation

1. The electromagnet will be fixed with the shipping pallet during transportation to protect the electromagnet from vibration and uneven floor.

When the installation position is reached, do not remove the fixing mechanism.

2. Remove the transport pallet, and use the applicable lifting equipment to place the magnet in the proper position.

3. Connect the cooling water pipe to the water inlet and outlet at the back of the electromagnet. There are one water inlet and one water outlet on each wire package. No

The water inlet and outlet are distinguished, and the water inlet and outlet pipes of the two line packages are connected to the main water inlet pipe and the main water outlet pipe in parallel to connect to the cold water equipment.

After connecting the water pipe, let in the cooling water for at least 30 minutes. If any leakage is found, readjust the water pipe connection. If you find

Condensation, adjust the indoor humidity or temperature, wait for the electromagnet to dry naturally or manually.

4. Adjust the air gap of the electromagnet to the state of use. To perform this operation, rotate the adjusting handle or adjusting wheel to move the two poles to set the air gap.

5. Ground the yoke to the power supply chassis or directly connect to the ground wire in the electrical system.


1. The electromagnet is a large precision instrument. If it is tilted or subjected to sudden bumps and impacts, it may cause irreversible damage.

2. The replaceable pole head and the pole post are generally connected by multiple screws or threaded rods, and they are in a tightened state before leaving the factory.

Motion and bumps may cause it to loosen. Make sure that the connection between the pole and the pole is tight before use to avoid danger.

Chapter 3 Operation Instructions

3.1 Overview

This chapter introduces the relevant guidelines before and during the operation after the electromagnet is installed correctly. The content includes pre-use inspection

(3.2), replace the pole (3.3), and operate (3.4).

Before using the electromagnet, please read the entire contents of this manual and check the corresponding structure and accessories for normal use. This chapter

The content is applicable to most models in the WD series electromagnets. Individual content may vary due to the characteristics of customized products.

Please consult our company before making it.

3.2 Check before use

Before using the electromagnet, please check whether the power supply wire and ground wire are properly connected, whether the electromagnet and the cooling water pipe are leaking, and the electromagnet

Whether the iron temperature is too high, and whether the connection between the pole and the pole is tight. The above steps should be repeated each time the solenoid is activated. To ensure correctness and safety

Electromagnets are used everywhere, and it is recommended to operate under the guidance of professionals or trained personnel.

3.3 Replacing the pole

According to user requirements, the pole head of the electromagnet is designed to be replaceable pole head or non-replaceable pole head. This section describes the use of replaceable pole head.

Instructions for use.

If users need to use poles of other specifications, they can remove the installed poles and install the required poles to the poles. Standard pole

Made of high-purity iron, the surface is polished and has a corrosion-resistant coating. Most of the poles are designed to be straight or tapered. During use

In, the magnetic flux is condensed from the pole to the pole. -Generally speaking, a pole head with a larger pole face diameter can produce high uniformity and low magnetic flux density

The magnetic field; the pole head with a smaller pole face diameter can produce a low uniform, high magnetic flux density magnetic field.

The replaceable pole head is tightly connected with the pole column-generally there are two ways of fixing with multiple screws or fixing with threaded rods.

Replace the replaceable pole head fixed with multiple screws according to the following steps:

1. Rotate a pole adjustment handle/adjustment wheel, and move the pole head inward to the farthest.

2. Rotate the adjustment handle/adjustment wheel of the other pole and move the pole head outwards until it is in an operable position.

3. Use a hexagonal wrench to unscrew the fixing screw counterclockwise until the pole can be removed.

4. Align the required pole with the threaded hole of the pole, and fix the required pole on the pole with a fixing screw.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 to replace another pole.

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