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Multi-pole electromagnet

Multi-pole electromagnet


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Multi-pole electromagnets are mostly four-pole electromagnets, and there are also five-pole, six-pole, eight-pole and other multi-pole applications. They are mainly used in multi-pole magnetic ring magnetization, radial gradient magnetic field, rotating magnetic field magnetic guidance and other applications , Designed and manufactured according to user requirements.

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The pole diameter is 30mm, the pole face is 15mm, the air gap is 20mm, the magnetic field is 0.15T, the angle between the incident light and the reflected light is 90º; the magnet is equipped with two 8A50V power supplies, and the winding resistance of each group is 3Ω;




The pole is 40*20mm, the air gap is 20mm, the magnetic field is 0.13T, and the power supply is 3A125V;




A fixed air gap of 70mm, plus a 40mm pole piece, when the air gap is 70mm, the magnetic field is 0.1-0.15T; the power supply is 20A20V and two power supplies are supplied separately.





The electromagnet model is 4MP-50. The electromagnet has a four-pole structure with an octagonal yoke. The air gap is adjustable. The pole diameter is 50mm and the magnetic pole diameter is 25mm. The four poles are on the same plane; it can be placed horizontally or at an angle of 45 degrees.
The electromagnet is equipped with four pole heads; two of the pole heads have 5mm through holes. When the air gap is 25mm, the one-dimensional central magnetic field Hmax≥0.25T;
The electromagnet adopts natural cooling. It can work continuously for 30 minutes in a 0.25T magnetic field environment, and the temperature rise of the wire package is less than 60℃;
The power of electromagnet single wire package is 150W, double wire package is connected in series with 300W, the total power is 300W*2, each of the four poles has a tap;

Weight: 90Kg;




The pole diameter is Φ32mm, the pole face diameter is Φ32m, the line package spacing is 80mm, the four-pole air gap is adjustable, and the adjustable range is 40-80mm; the four poles are used in series, the current is 1A, and the magnetic pole surface magnetic field is 300Gs.






Four-pole radial magnetization, the magnetic field direction is NN relative, SS relative, the working pole head can be replaced; the wire package gap is greater than 300mm, the pole diameter is 130mm, and the adjustable distance of the single pole head is not less than 75mm; when the air gap is 40mm , The pole surface magnetic field Hmax≥0.5T; water-cooled cooling.




The five-pole electromagnet is used under the microscope to generate a three-dimensional magnetic field. The volume is within 150mm, the height does not exceed 60mm, and the magnetic field per dimension is 300Gs. It can be used up to 1000Gs in a short time.
    4MP-60 The wire package spacing is 260mm, the pole diameter is 60mm, the fixed air gap is 120mm, and the pole diameter is 100mm. Bipolar series resistance 6.8ohm, 10A bipolar power supply 1800Gs, gradient 1.55T/m; four-pole power supply 2600Gs, a gradient 4.8T/m.

Pole 40*20mm, air gap 20mm

, Magnetic field 0.13T, power supply 3A125V;


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