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Halbach Array Permanent Magnet

Halbach Array Permanent Magnet


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   Halbach Array is a kind of magnet structure, which is an approximate ideal structure in engineering. The goal is to generate the strongest magnetic field with the least amount of magnets. In 1979, when American scholar Klaus Halbach was doing electron acceleration experiments, he discovered this special permanent magnet structure and gradually improved this structure, eventually forming the so-called "Halbach" magnet.

Halbach magnetic ring

The Halbach magnetic ring combines the radial and parallel arrangement of magnets. If the end effect is ignored and the permeability of the surrounding magnetic material is regarded as infinite, then the above-mentioned permanent magnet structure will eventually form a one-sided magnetic field (one-sided magnetic field). sided field), this is a distinctive feature of Halbach.

Different array modes can form different combined magnetic rings:


B-type magnetic ring H201

Dimensions Φ60*50mm Inner diameter Φ20mm Weight 1 (Kg)

12 sector-shaped magnetic blocks, each with a different magnetization direction, arranged in a Halbch circular array;

The central magnetic field strength is 1.04 (T);

The uniformity in the range of Φ6*6mm in the center of the magnetic field is 0.5% in the axial direction and 0.5% in the radial direction.


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