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Three-dimensional displacement system

Three-dimensional displacement system


Magnetic measurement and magnetic application instrument

Magnetic material charging and demagnetizing machine

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The three-dimensional displacement system is to realize the translation and positioning of the field probe in the X, Y, and Z directions in space. It can be used to measure the value of the magnetic field at any point in the corresponding area. The motion controller (numerical control system) used by the displacement system adopts high performance 32-bit CPU, driving device adopts subdivision stepping motor, equipped with liquid crystal display, fully enclosed touch operation keyboard. The mechanical transmission part adopts high-precision ball screw transmission. The system has the characteristics of high reliability, high precision, low noise and convenient operation. It can realize point, linear interpolation, circular interpolation and other operations. It has functions such as cycle, jump and simple PLC. Simple and clear parameters bring you convenient and fast operation. The input/output setting function is convenient for your use and maintenance.

1. Product features

Automatic execution: actual running, dry running, single-segment execution, program termination, start and pause can be realized


Manual operation: It can realize manual high-speed, low-speed, jog operation, program zero return, mechanical zero return and other operations.

Program management: It can realize the functions of editing, reading in, deleting and saving the program.

Parameter setting: various control parameters related to the operation can be set to achieve the best moving effect


2. Control system parameters

High-performance, high-speed 32-bit high-end black and white two-color LCD (resolution: 192×64)

Dedicated motion control chip (signal output: 5V TTL)

General-purpose customizable input/output (16 optically isolated 24V inputs, 8 relay outputs)

User mobile program memory (20 programs can be stored)

Minimum data unit 0.001mm

Maximum data size ±99999.999mm

Maximum pulse output frequency 150KHz

Main functions of the system: automatic, manual, program editing, system parameters, self-checking, setting, etc.

3. Motion system parameters

Maximum operating speed when standard stepper motor is 40mm/sec

The minimum moving distance is 0.001mm

Repeat positioning accuracy <0.005mm

The stroke of each axis can be customized according to requirements



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