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Vibrating sample magnetometer VSM-100

Vibrating sample magnetometer VSM-100


VSM vibrating sample magnetometer


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The best Vibrating sample magnetometer from china is a precision experimental instrument used to measure the magnetic properties of materials. It usually consists of three main parts: sample holder, electromagnet, and sensor system.
First, the sample holder provides a platform for placing the sample to be tested. The holder design allows for a high degree of sample stability and accuracy, ensuring precise control of sample position during measurement. Second, the electromagnet generates an adjustable magnetic field that is used to apply magnetic fields of varying strengths and directions to the sample. In this way, the magnetic response of the sample under different magnetic fields can be observed. Finally, the sensor system is responsible for measuring the magnetization strength and direction of the sample, typically by detecting tiny vibrations of the sample in a magnetic field. By measuring the vibration of the sample under different magnetic field conditions, the magnetic parameters of the sample, such as magnetization intensity, magnetic susceptibility, etc., can be calculated.
The best Vibrating sample magnetometer from China are widely used in the field of materials science research to help people gain an in-depth understanding of the magnetic behavior of various materials and provide important references for the design and development of new materials.

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