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Vibrating sample magnetometer VSM-130

Vibrating sample magnetometer VSM-130


VSM vibrating sample magnetometer




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1、The main function:

Customized Vibrating Sample Magnetometer can be used for material research and development, quality control, and product testing, to complete the measurement and analysis of the basic magnetic properties of magnetic materials. It can measure the basic magnetic properties of magnetic materials (such as magnetization curve, hysteresis loop, and demagnetization curve), and obtain corresponding various magnetic parameters (such as saturation magnetization, residual magnetization, coercive force, maximum magnetic energy product, magnetic permeability) Rate (including initial permeability, etc.), which can measure magnetic materials such as powder, granules, flakes, and blocks.


2、Main Specifications

1. Measuring magnetic moment range (when the magnetic pole pitch is 40mm): 10-3emu—300emu (sensitivity: 5×10-5emu)

2. Relative accuracy (when measuring range is 3emu): better than ±1%

3. Repeatability (when measuring range is 3emu): better than ±1%

4. Stability (when measuring range is 3emu): Stability is better than ±1% after continuous working for 4 hours

5. The magnetic pole pitch is fixed at 40mm, and the pole face diameter is 60mm

6. Magnetic field strength: the maximum magnetic field strength is 1.2T


3、The composition of VSM:

1. SG-130 type electromagnet

2. Magnetic moment measurement unit host (including scanning power supply, lock-in amplifier, Tesla meter, vibration source)

3. Vibrating head, vibrating rod, detection coil

4. Lenovo brand computers

5. HP printer


4、Main instrument description

1. Electromagnet:

A. The electromagnet is a double yoke fixed air gap electromagnet placed at 45°, the magnetic field is in the horizontal direction, the fixed air gap is 40mm, the pole diameter is Φ60mm, and the highest value of the magnetic field is better than 1.2T.

B. Production unit: Changchun Yingpu Magnetoelectric Technology Development Co., Ltd.

2. Electromagnet DC steady current power supply:

A. The power supply is an adjustable high-stability steady-current DC power supply with a power of 3.5KW. In the steady current state, the steady current output current can be continuously adjusted within the rated range.

(1) Main functions
(1) Output power: output power 0-3.5kW

(2) Protection mode: phase loss protection, over-current protection, automatic short-circuit protection.

(2) Technical indicators
(1) The power supply is a steady current output: the current value can be continuously adjusted from 0 to the rated value.

(2) Display mode: 4-and-a-half LCD digital display of the ammeter.
(3) Display accuracy: ±(1%+2 words)

(4) Working time: 8 hours of continuous work (ambient temperature 20±5℃)

(5) Input voltage: three-phase 380V±10% (three-phase five-wire system)

(6) Input frequency: 50Hz

B. Production unit: Changchun Yingpu Magnetoelectric Technology Development Co., Ltd.

3. Vibration system

A. Including vibrating rod, mechanical vibrating head, bracket, sample chamber and detection coil.

The vibrating head can be rotated 360 degrees, and the sample position can be adjusted in the X, Y, and Z directions

B. Production unit: Changchun Yingpu Magnetoelectric Technology Development Co., Ltd.

4. Host of magnetic moment measurement unit

A. Main technical indicators

(1) Magnetic moment range is divided into 300emu, 150emu, 80emu, 40emu, 30emu, 15emu, 8emu, 4emu, 3emu, 1.5emu, 800memu, 400memu, 300memu, 150memu, 80memu, 40memu, 30memu and 15memu (that is, 0.015emu) total 18 The highest sensitivity is better than 5×10-5emu; when the magnetic moment range is 3emu, the relative accuracy and repeatability of the magnetic moment measurement are better than ±1%, preheating for half an hour, continuous working for 4 hours Stability is better than 1%.

(2) The magnetic field range is up to 3.2T, the highest resolution is 0.1mT, and the relative accuracy is better than ±1%.

(3) The output frequency of the vibration source is 180Hz, the frequency stability is better than 10-5, and the output power is greater than 50W.

5. Computer:

A. Configuration: E5800, Memory: 2G, Hard Disk: 500G, Display: 19-inch LCD

B. Production unit: Lenovo Beijing Co., Ltd.

6. Printer: HP-1018

A. Production unit: China Hewlett-Packard Co., Ltd.

7. Measurement system software

A. The system software model is JDAW2000C&D, which can directly set system parameters and display data directly;

B. The suffix of the original data file is 13D, which is directly stored in the computer to facilitate subsequent processing. Excel and Origin can be used to directly process the data;

C. A variety of measured curves and characteristic parameters can be displayed on the computer screen. The software can select data at will, partially zoom in, translate, smooth the curve, and can also be output and printed on a laser printer; it can also be printed by other Processing on general drawing software.

D. It can automatically measure the magnetization curve, hysteresis loop, fast MH loop, and background curve; when the demagnetization factor and sample density are known, the magnetic characteristic curve of the VSM open circuit sample can be automatically converted into the substance itself ( (Ie closed circuit sample) magnetic measurement curve

E. The software can simultaneously calculate the curve parameters under the international unit system and the Gauss unit system (saturation magnetic moment/saturation magnetization/ratio saturation magnetization, residual magnetic moment/residual magnetization, coercive force, intrinsic coercive force, rectangular Coefficient, maximum magnetic energy product, loop area);

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