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The use area of the adjustable permanent magnetic field generator is located on the upper table top of the machine, the use area is 100*100mm, and the magnetic field is displayed by 3 digits.

The surface magnetic field of the application area is adjustable from 0-900mT, the direction of the magnetic field is perpendicular to the table surface, the central magnetic field is up to 900mT, and the minimum adjustment fineness is 0.01mT.

The external dimension of the adjustable permanent magnetic field generator is 450mm*450mm*550mm, and the weight is 60KG.


A unipolar adjustable magnetic field generator is a device used to generate an adjustable magnetic field, usually consisting of a magnet, a power supply, and a control system. First of all, it uses a monopole magnet design, that is, there is only one magnetic pole, making the magnetic field generation more concentrated and precise. This design effectively reduces magnetic field leakage and external interference, and improves the stability and controllability of the magnetic field.
It has the characteristics of an adjustable magnetic field. By controlling the magnitude and direction of the current, precise adjustment of the magnetic field strength and direction can be achieved. This allows the device to meet the needs of different experiments or applications, from weak magnetic fields to strong magnetic fields.
This product has a wide range of applications. In the field of scientific research, it is often used in physical experiments, materials science, biomedicine, and other fields to study and explore the impact of magnetic fields on matter and organisms. In the industrial and medical fields, it is also used to manufacture and operate magnetic field-controlled equipment, such as magnetic resonance imaging systems, magnetic field therapy equipment, etc.
An unipolar adjustable magnetic field generator is a flexible and precise magnetic field generator that provides important technical support for various scientific research and applications.