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Gradient magnetic field/gradient magnetic field coil

Gradient magnetic field/gradient magnetic field coil


Helmholtz coil/field coil

Compound magnetic field coil

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There are also many forms of gradient magnetic field design and production. The use of electromagnet gradient poles can generate a radially asymmetric magnetic field. It is usually used in tests that require unidirectional force on the sample, such as force magnetometers and magnetic powder samples. Screening, etc.; it can also be used as a multi-pole electromagnet to generate a uniform gradient magnetic field in the radial direction of the magnetic field. Used in accelerators to focus and adjust charged particle beams.

The gradient magnetic field coil is applied to the design of gradient magnetic field, which can realize one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional gradient magnetic field. The usual method is to connect the two coaxial coils in series and reversely, and set the optimal coil spacing to obtain the best gradient linearity in the direction of the magnetic field axis, and also to adjust the appropriate coil distance to obtain gradient magnetic fields of different sizes; There are also applications that need to achieve gradients in the same magnetic field direction. This requirement can be achieved by combining magnetic fields.

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