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WD-50 product solution

WD-50 product solution


Magnetic field system case

WD series case

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Electromagnet WD-50 design scheme

u Product specifications

       · WD-50 type electromagnet (C type structure), under the excitation of the excitation power supply, the magnetic field forms a closed loop, and a uniform strong magnetic field can be generated between the two poles, and the direction of the magnetic field is along the axis of the pole head.

· The electromagnet is placed horizontally, the direction of the magnetic field is horizontal;

· The air gap is adjustable in both directions, the adjustable range is 0-50mm;

· The pole diameter is φ50mm, and a pair of pure iron pole head is standard,

u Electrical parameters

· The cold state DC resistance of the coil is 9.2Ω;

·The coil insulation resistance is better than 10MΩ;

u cooling method

· Natural cooling;

u Size and quality

· The dimensions are shown in the figure;

· The overall weight is about 40Kg;

u Magnetic field parameters (please consult our company for detailed parameters)

· When the air gap is 2mm, the central magnetic field is better than 2.1T@5A (φ40mm pole face);

        · When the air gap is 20mm, the central magnetic field is better than 0.67T@10A (φ30mm pole face).
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describe quantity
power cable 1 set
Probe holder 1 piece
user's manual 1 copy
Product manual 1 book
Certificate of conformity 1 serving



u Option





Pure iron pole


High-precision electronically controlled turntable 1 set
Manual turntable 1 set
Closed loop control system 1 piece


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