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Helmholtz coil scheme 3HLDY40-1

Helmholtz coil scheme 3HLDY40-1


Helmholtz coil/field coil

Magnetic field system case

AC/DC Helmholtz square coil

AC/DC Helmholtz round coil

Helmholtz coil case

Compound magnetic field coil

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Coil scheme 3HLDY40-1 design scheme

u Product specifications

· 3HLDY40-1 type three-dimensional equal diameter coil, equivalent diameter 800mm;

· Equipped with non-magnetic fixed sample table;

u Electrical parameters

· Coil cold state DC resistance 1.5Ω;

· Coil insulation resistance is better than 10MΩ;

u cooling method

· Natural cooling;

u Size and quality

· The dimensions are shown in the figure;

· The overall weight is about 56Kg;

u Magnetic field parameter (unit Gs)

· Magnetic field parameter (unit Gs);

· The uniformity in the central area Sφ100mm area is better than 0.1%;

· The uniformity in the central area Sφ180mm area is better than 1%.

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