Standard spiral tube


Solenoid features: solenoids are suitable for relatively narrow and long samples due to their relatively uniform axial magnetic field. Under this premise, compared with coils, the magnetic field can be made higher and the volume can be smaller. It can be used to generate standard magnetic fields, determine the effect of magnetic shielding, electromagnetic interference simulation experiments, calibration of Hall probes and various magnetometers, research on biological magnetic fields, and research on magnetic properties of materials.

Pulse/AC solenoid

The use of solenoids to generate AC magnetic fields has great advantages over Helmholtz coils. Its compact size, small inductance, and higher frequency magnetic fields are easy to produce. Continuous pulsed magnetic field and AC magnetic field have similarities in design. In recent years, the application of continuous pulsed magnetic field has gradually increased. Our company has completed many cases, which have been well received by users.

Adjustable magnetic field permanent magnet

Permanent magnets have a great advantage over electromagnets in generating a constant magnetic field. However, the simplification of their structure and the fixed and immutable magnetic field limit their application. Our company is committed to the research and development of various permanent magnets with adjustable magnetic field, so that the air gap can be adjusted, the magnetic field intensity can be adjusted, and the uniformity zone is stable. The function of the permanent magnet is closer to the electromagnet, and the volume is smaller than the electromagnet, making it more widely used. .

Three-dimensional solenoid

By controlling the current flow appropriately, choosing appropriate sizes and materials, maintaining good insulation, and considering the cooling system, you can use the newest magnetic field solenoid coil sources effectively and regulate and control the generated magnetic field as needed

magnetic field solenoid

Factors such as coil design, material selection, manufacturing process, magnetic field uniformity calibration, environmental conditions, and durability testing all have an important impact on the quality of the new lab magnetic field solenoid coil from China components. A good manufacturer will consider these factors to ensure a high-quality product

solenoid coil

Due to its controllability and versatility, cheap solenoid coil made in china has been widely used in many fields, playing an important role in fields ranging from scientific research to industrial manufacturing to medical care

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