AC power/pulse power

AC power/pulse power

AC power supply and pulsed power supply are applied to the demand for AC magnetic field and pulsed magnetic field. The realization of the AC magnetic field is largely limited to the AC power supply. The design of the magnetic field must fully consider the operating range and technical indicators of the power supply. The design of the load and the AC source parameters must be closely integrated to maximize the magnetic field and optimize the design. The advanced AC Magnetic Field Coil of China is one of the key components used to generate and control magnetic fields. This coil is usually made of wire, and its design and purpose vary depending on the specific application needs.

YP series high precision DC power supply

YP series power supplies are high-precision DC constant current power supplies designed for inductive loads such as electromagnets and coils. The maximum power supply is 7.8 KW, and the minimum is 10W. YP series power supplies have high stability, with stability of 100ppm at high power; a wide range of measurements, 0.1mA~10A, adjustment step 0.1mA; panel FSTNLCD display, button type setting control; standard USB computer interface, complete command set; Auto scan function, three scan modes. The durable DC electromagnet source is a product specifically designed to generate a stable magnetic field. It usually consists of a coil, iron core, and power supply

HAP/HCP series DC power supply

KDP series bipolar programmable DC power supply is a high-performance DC power supply specially developed for the application of electromagnetic field automation control for inductive loads. This series of products have excellent electronic characteristics such as high accuracy, high precision, and high stability. This series of products are designed with complete over-voltage and over-temperature protection circuits, and non-contact commutation circuits, which make the product more reliable. This series of products can edit the voltage, current and time parameters of the upper computer through the panel keyboard or through the communication interface to realize programmable automatic testing.    1. Small size, light weight, standard 19-inch installation size, suitable for work surface

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