Clamp electromagnet

Special-shaped electromagnet/magneto-photomagnet

Special-shaped electromagnets: Our company can design and manufacture various special-shaped electromagnets according to user requirements. It can be designed and manufactured according to different usage methods, different experimental requirements, different working environments, and supporting assembly with different equipment; the electromagnet can achieve maximum deformation while maintaining the highest possible magnetic field.

E-type solenoid

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient durable lab magnetic field solenoid source, this product is your ideal choice. Welcome to contact Yingpu Magneto-electric to learn more about our products,  looking forward to working with you to jointly promote the progress of scientific research

Multi-pole electromagnet

Multi-pole electromagnets are mostly four-pole electromagnets, and there are also five-pole, six-pole, eight-pole and other multi-pole applications. They are mainly used in multi-pole magnetic ring magnetization, radial gradient magnetic field, rotating magnetic field magnetic guidance and other applications , Designed and manufactured according to user requirements.

Rotating electromagnet

The process of manufacturing a classy rotating magnetic field electromagnet source includes three main stages: magnetic field core manufacturing, coil manufacturing and assembly, and testing and debugging. The quality and performance of the electromagnets are ensured through careful selection of materials, precise machining, and insulation. Finally, after functional testing, correction, and debugging, it was ensured that the rotating magnetic field generated by the electromagnet met the design requirements, and efficient and stable work was achieved.

strong electromagnet

A high magnetic field electromagnet is one of the advanced equipment designed for scientific research, laboratory applications, and industrial fields. This product adopts the latest technology and materials and can generate extremely strong magnetic fields to meet the needs of various applications that require high magnetic field strength. Rotating the magnet, the magnetic field can rotate 360° around the axis of rotation, can be equipped with a stepping motor to accurately control the rotation of the magnet, set the rotation angle arbitrarily, and programmatically control the forward and reverse rotation and travel time. The angle resolution accuracy of the controller is 0.01 degrees, the mechanical step angle accuracy is 0.1 degrees, and the repeat positioning accuracy is 0.05 degrees.

laboratory electromagnet

The best Lab Electromagnet System source is a laboratory device used to generate a controllable magnetic field. It has the characteristics of adjustability, accuracy, stability, and flexibility, and is suitable for various scientific research and experimental applications

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