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Three-dimensional displacement system

The three-dimensional displacement system is to realize the translation and positioning of the field probe in the X, Y, and Z directions in space. It can be used to measure the value of the magnetic field at any point in the corresponding area. The motion controller (numerical control system) used by the displacement system adopts high performance 32-bit CPU, driving device adopts subdivided stepping motor, equipped with liquid crystal display, fully enclosed touch operation keyboard. The mechanical transmission part adopts high-precision ball screw transmission. The system has the characteristics of high reliability, high precision, low noise and convenient operation. It can realize point, linear interpolation, circular interpolation and other operations. It has functions such as loop, jump and simple PLC. Simple and clear

Rotation angle controller

The rotation angle controller can perform mechanical rotation control for magnetic field sources such as electromagnets. The system uses a stepper motor to drive the magnetic field source to rotate around the center of the magnetic field. The combination of rotary motion and magnetic circuit can apply various angle magnetic fields to a fixed sample, and set the residence time of each angle magnetic field through program editing. Angle control accuracy: 1. The angle resolution accuracy of the controller is 0.001 degree2. The actual mechanical step angle accuracy is 0.1 degrees, and the repeat positioning accuracy is 0.05 degrees.

Water chiller-magnetic field cooling equipment

The LC series chiller is a refrigeration equipment specially designed for supporting various magnetic field sources. It can be used for circulating water cooling for water-cooled magnetic fields such as electromagnets, solenoids, and coils. According to the characteristics of high temperature sensitivity of the magnetic field source, high water quality requirements, and high safety protection requirements, it adopts a number of purification and protection measures, stable performance, and can withstand long-term continuous work. ◎Adopt PID type intelligent temperature controller, temperature control accuracy ±1℃; ◎Double-cover closed water tank, with particulate filter, effectively prevent water pollution; ◎High and low temperature alarm and flow switch alarm function, safer operation (optional Equipped) ◎ Compressor overheating protection, overcurrent protection

SP-35 Al-Ni-Co magnetizing and demagnetizing machine

SP-35 type magnetizing and demagnetizing machine is a special equipment for magnetizing and demagnetizing small AlNiCo magnetic steel workpieces. ◆Technical indicators: AC input: 220V±10%, maximum power 5KW, magnetic field space: ф34mm×100mm, central magnetic field strength Hmax≥0.5T (the magnetic field is in the axial direction of the center of the coil). ◆Working principle: SP-35 type magnetizing and demagnetizing machine is powered by AC power supply. After rectification, a DC current is generated and then sent to the magnetic field coil to generate a DC magnetic field. ◆Using method: Magnetizing: Put the workpiece in the center of the magnetizing coil, and apply the maximum DC current to the center of the coil.

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Understanding AC Magnetic Field Helmholtz Coils in the Electronic Components Industry

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How to Choose and Use a Quality AC Magnetic Field Helmholtz Coil: A Comprehensive Guide for Electromagnetic Equipment and Materials

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