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Advanced DC Magnetic Field Helmholtz Coil and AC Magnetic Field Helmholtz Coil are two different types of Helmholtz coils used to generate DC and AC magnetic fields. These two types of coils differ in applications and characteristics. The main difference between the two is the nature of the magnetic field and its application areas. DC coils are suitable for testing and research with constant magnetic fields, while AC coils are suitable for applications with alternating magnetic fields. Both Magnetic Field Helmholtz Coils have various applications in laboratory and industrial settings.

Three-dimensional equal diameter coil

The three-dimensional equal diameter coil is a three-dimensional Helmholtz coil independently developed by our company. Its characteristics are: the coil diameters of the three dimensions are the same, the number of turns are the same, and the wire diameter is the same; the uniform area has the same volume, small appearance, large internal space, and the overall frame is non-magnetic and metal, especially suitable for use in the shielding cylinder. Another common application is to generate an AC magnetic field. Since the resistance and inductance of the three axes are the same, the same AC power supply can be switched between three axes to control the magnetic field with voltage. The highest magnetic field per dimension of the three-dimensional equal-diameter coil can be 1Gs~5G.

AC coil/power frequency magnetic field coil

The power frequency magnetic field coil is designed for the power frequency magnetic field anti-interference test and meets the GB/T 17626.8 standard. The power frequency magnetic field coil should produce the magnetic field strength corresponding to the selected test level and the specified uniformity, the magnetic field strength is up to 2KA/m, and the magnetic field strength can be customized. The power frequency coil designed and manufactured by our company is made of non-metallic non-magnetic materials, and its cross section and mechanical structure are stable, which is beneficial to stabilize the coil during the test. The coil has the appropriate size to enclose the EUT (in three mutually perpendicular directions) According to the size of the EUT, the power frequency coils of different sizes can be customized, which can generate a uniform magnetic field in the entire desktop or vertical device volume, with a deviation of ±3dB. When testing small devices such as (computer monitor, watt-hour meter, program-controlled transmitter, etc.), the standard size induction coil is a square with a side of 1m or a circle with a diameter of 1m. For standard square coils, the volume of the test area is 0.6m*0.6m*0.5m; when it is necessary to test larger volume equipment, standard size double coils can be used, and the volume of the test area is 0.6m*0.6m*1.0m. In order to adapt to three mutually perpendicular magnetic field tests, the coil can be rotated from 90 to 360 degrees, and the test table can be rotated by 360 degrees. Power frequency magnetic field coils with special requirements can be customized.

Design, manufacture and installation of large magnetic field coils

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