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Special-shaped electromagnet/magneto-photomagnet

Special-shaped electromagnets: Our company can design and manufacture various special-shaped electromagnets according to user requirements. It can be designed and manufactured according to different usage methods, different experimental requirements, different working environments, and supporting assembly with different equipment; the electromagnet can achieve maximum deformation while maintaining the highest possible magnetic field.

Multi-pole electromagnet

Multi-pole electromagnets are mostly four-pole electromagnets, and there are also five-pole, six-pole, eight-pole and other multi-pole applications. They are mainly used in multi-pole magnetic ring magnetization, radial gradient magnetic field, rotating magnetic field magnetic guidance and other applications , Designed and manufactured according to user requirements.

WDS type single yoke double adjustable electromagnet

WD type electromagnet (also known as Weiss-type or U-type electromagnet), the magnetic field air gap is adjustable in both directions, the structure of single yoke, the direction of the magnetic field is horizontal; stand upright, there is a wide operating space, easy to take and place samples and The combined structure of other equipment is one of the most common electromagnets in magnetic research. It is suitable for Hall effect research, magnetoresistance effect research, hysteresis extension research, torque magnetometer, force magnetometer, vibrating sample magnetometer, magnetic susceptibility measuring device, magnetic material measuring device, etc. The WD type electromagnet has a wide magnetic field space and a wide air gap adjustment range. It is a very common type for experiments and factory applications.

SG type fixed air gap electromagnet

SG type electromagnet: the magnetic field has a fixed air gap, the double yoke structure magnetic circuit is closed, and the magnetic field direction is horizontal; it has excellent rigidity and stability, and is suitable for experimental research that requires high magnetic field uniformity and stability. Used for Hall effect research, magnetoresistance effect research, hysteresis extension research, torque magnetometer, force magnetometer, magnetic susceptibility measuring device, magnetic material measuring device, etc., especially suitable for vibrating sample magnetometer, nuclear magnetic resonance Application of high-precision instruments such as magnetometers. The pole head can be replaced to change the magnetic field air gap.

The Evolution of AC Electromagnets: Past, Present, and Future Trends

The evolution of AC electromagnets has been a remarkable journey, marked by progress, innovation, and endless possibilities. From their humble beginnings to their current state, and looking ahead to future trends

Unlocking the Power of AC Electromagnets

One key advantage of AC electromagnets is their ability to generate strong magnetic fields that can be easily adjusted by changing the frequency or amplitude of the current

What Are the Mysteries of AC Electromagnets

AC electromagnets are a crucial component in various electronic devices, playing a significant role in generating magnetic fields and enabling the operation of numerous applications

What Are the Everything You Need to Know About AC Electromagnets

Overall, AC electromagnets are an integral part of the modern world, driving progress and innovation in the field of electronic components

Unleashing the Power of AC Electromagnets: A Comprehensive Guide

As technology continues to advance, the development of AC electromagnets is expected to follow suit. Innovations in materials, design, and manufacturing processes will lead to more efficient and powerful electromagnets with enhanced capabilities

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