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Three-dimensional displacement system

The three-dimensional displacement system is to realize the translation and positioning of the field probe in the X, Y, and Z directions in space. It can be used to measure the value of the magnetic field at any point in the corresponding area. The motion controller (numerical control system) used by the displacement system adopts high performance 32-bit CPU, driving device adopts subdivided stepping motor, equipped with liquid crystal display, fully enclosed touch operation keyboard. The mechanical transmission part adopts high-precision ball screw transmission. The system has the characteristics of high reliability, high precision, low noise and convenient operation. It can realize point, linear interpolation, circular interpolation and other operations. It has functions such as loop, jump and simple PLC. Simple and clear

SP-35 Al-Ni-Co magnetizing and demagnetizing machine

SP-35 type magnetizing and demagnetizing machine is a special equipment for magnetizing and demagnetizing small AlNiCo magnetic steel workpieces. ◆Technical indicators: AC input: 220V±10%, maximum power 5KW, magnetic field space: ф34mm×100mm, central magnetic field strength Hmax≥0.5T (the magnetic field is in the axial direction of the center of the coil). ◆Working principle: SP-35 type magnetizing and demagnetizing machine is powered by AC power supply. After rectification, a DC current is generated and then sent to the magnetic field coil to generate a DC magnetic field. ◆Using method: Magnetizing: Put the workpiece in the center of the magnetizing coil, and apply the maximum DC current to the center of the coil.

Halbach Array Permanent Magnet

Dimensions Φ60*50mm Inner diameter Φ20mm Weight 1 (Kg) 12 sector-shaped magnetic blocks, each with a different magnetization direction, arranged in a Halbch circular array; The central magnetic field strength is 1.04 (T); The uniformity in the range of Φ6*6mm in the center of the magnetic field is 0.5% in the axial direction and 0.5% in the radial direction.

Pulse/AC solenoid

The use of solenoids to generate AC magnetic fields has great advantages over Helmholtz coils. Its compact size, small inductance, and higher frequency magnetic fields are easy to produce. Continuous pulsed magnetic field and AC magnetic field have similarities in design. In recent years, the application of continuous pulsed magnetic field has gradually increased. Our company has completed many cases, which have been well received by users.

Understanding AC Coil Spots: A Guide to Electromagnetic Equipment

AC Coil spots play a crucial role in the realm of electronic components, specifically in the field of electromagnetic equipment. These spots are a key element of AC coils, which are widely utilized in various devices and systems. In this guide, we will explore the significance, functions, and characteristics of AC coil spots, shedding light on their importance within the realm of electronic compon

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Top 10 AC Coils with CE Certification for Electronics Components: Enhance the Quality and Reliability of Your Electrical Devices

Table of Contents: 1. Introduction: The Significance of AC Coils in Electronics 2. Understanding CE Certification for AC Coils 3. Top 10 AC Coils with CE Certification 3.1 Coil A: High-Performance AC Coil with CE Certification 3.2 Coil B: Advanced AC Coil for Precise Electrical Applications 3.3 Coil C: Energy-Efficient AC Coil with CE Certification 3.4 Coil D: Durable and Reliable AC C

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The Science behind Durable AC Coils: Enhancing Electromagnetic Equipment for Optimal Performance

Introduction: Durable AC coils form a critical component within the realm of electromagnetic devices and materials. These coils provide the necessary magnetic fields in various applications, enabling the efficient operation of electronic equipment. In this article, we delve into the science behind durable AC coils, exploring their construction, materials, and working principles. 1. Understanding A

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best AC Coil: Everything You Need to Know to Make an Informed Decision

Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Understanding AC Coils 2.1 What is an AC Coil? 2.2 How Does an AC Coil Work? 2.3 Importance of a High-Quality AC Coil 3. Types of AC Coils 3.1 Evaporator Coils 3.2 Condenser Coils 3.3 Dual-Purpose Coils 4. Choosing the Right Size AC Coil 4.1 Importance of Proper Sizing 4.2 Determining the Correct Size 4.3 Common Sizing Mistakes to Av

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Understanding AC Coils in the Electromagnetic Equipment Industry

Introduction: AC coils play a crucial role in the realm of electromagnetic equipment. This article delves into the significance and applications of AC coils, providing an in-depth understanding of their functionality within the industry of electronic components. Exploring AC Coils: AC coils, also known as alternating current coils, are integral components in electromagnetic equipment. These coils

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