Round Helmholtz Coil

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Three-dimensional Helmholtz coil

Features of the three-dimensional coil: The magnetic field realizes the X, Y, and Z axial magnetic fields respectively, and the magnetic field per axis is generally lower. It is especially suitable for generating standard magnetic fields, cancellation and compensation of the earth's magnetic field, geomagnetic environment simulation, determination of magnetic shielding effect, electromagnetic interference simulation experiment, calibration of Hall probes and various magnetometers, research of biological magnetic field and magnetic properties of materials Research.   Coil model radius(mm) Central magnetic field (Gs) Evenness % Uniform sphere diameter(mm) Power range per dimension (W) One-dimensional weight (Kg) Three-dimensional weight (Kg) HLY30-50 300 50 5 200 420 55   1 150 HLY30-10 300 10 0.5 100 90-120 12 38 0.1 90 HLY30-2 300 2 0.05 60 18~32 3.5 11 0.01 40 HLY25-1000 250 1000 5 160 5000 500   1 125 HLY25-500 250 500 0.5 100 2500 250   0.1 75 HLY25-300 250 300 0.05 50 1600 150   0.01 33 HLY25-100 250 100 5 160 600 50   1 125 HLY25-50 250 50 0.5 100 300~620 30 138 0.1 75 HLY25-10 250 10 0.05 50 60~110 8 32 0.01 33 HLY25-2 250 2 5 160 12~18 4 14 1 125 HLY20-500 200 500 0.5 80 2000 160   0.1 60 HLY20-300 200 300 0.05 4

Square Helmholtz Coil

The characteristics of the square Helmholtz coil: the uniform area is large in size and the space is open. It is generally used for testing larger samples. The side length can reach 1 meter to several meters. It can be designed as one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional coils. It is suitable for the generation of standard magnetic fields, the cancellation and compensation of the earth's magnetic field, the simulation of the geomagnetic environment, the determination of the magnetic shielding effect, the electromagnetic interference simulation experiment, the calibration of Hall probes and various magnetometers, the study of biological magnetic fields, and the study of the magnetic properties of materials Research. Accept any customization of parameters.

High uniformity combined coil

The high uniformity coil is composed of multiple loop coils arranged along the axial direction. The more common ones are Buckler coils, Brownbeck coils, Maxwell coils, Rebes coils, and momentless coils. Compared with the Helmholtz coil, this combined coil has better magnetic field uniformity under the same diameter, can improve the uniformity of the coil in an effective space, expand the uniformity range, and is suitable for high-precision and wide-range magnetic fields. Accept any parameter customization.

Round Helmholtz Coil Manufacturer: An Essential Component in Electromagnetic Devices

Introduction: Round Helmholtz Coils play a critical role in the realm of electronic components, particularly in electromagnetic devices and materials. This article delves into the manufacturing aspects, applications, and advantages of Round Helmholtz Coils, shedding light on their significance in various industries. Manufacturing Round Helmholtz Coils: Round Helmholtz Coils are meticulously crafte

The Benefits of Using Round Helmholtz Coils for Electromagnetic Devices

Round Helmholtz coils are a type of electromagnetic coil arrangement consisting of two identical circular coils placed parallel to each other, with their centers aligned. These coils are typically wound with multiple turns of wire and are designed to create a uniform and focused magnetic field within a specific region of space3. The Advantages of Round Helmholtz Coils 3.1 Enhanced Magnetic Field Generation 3.2 Precise Field Alignment and Homogeneity 3.3 Compact Design for Space Efficiency 3.4 Improved Device Performance and Accuracy 4. Practical Applications of Round Helmholtz Coils 4.1 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 4.2 Particle Accelerators 4.3 El

Introduction to CE Round Helmholtz Coil in the Electromagnetic Devices Industry

Title: Unraveling the Wonders of CE Round Helmholtz Coil in Electromagnetic Devices Introduction: In the realm of electromagnetic devices and materials, the CE Round Helmholtz Coil emerges as a fascinating technology that holds immense potential. This article delves into the intricacies of this coil, shedding light on its working principles and the significance it holds in various applications. Jo

Unlocking the Potential of the Newest Round Helmholtz Coil: Revolutionizing Electromagnetic Equipment and Materials

Table of Contents: 1. Introduction: The Evolution of Electromagnetic Equipment and Materials 2. Understanding the Round Helmholtz Coil: A Brief Overview 3. Unveiling the Features of the Newest Round Helmholtz Coil 4. Applications: Empowering Various Industries 5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 6. Conclusion: Embracing the Future of Electromagnetic Technology 1. Introduction: The Evolution of El

Discover the Fascinating World of Round Helmholtz Coils in the Field of Electromagnetic Equipment

Title: The Marvels of Round Helmholtz Coils in Electromagnetic Equipment Introduction: Embark on a journey into the realm of electromagnetic equipment and materials as we delve into the captivating world of Round Helmholtz Coils. Learn about the principles, applications, and importance of these unique components in various industries. In the field of electromagnetic equipment and materials, Round

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