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Three-dimensional displacement system

The three-dimensional displacement system is to realize the translation and positioning of the field probe in the X, Y, and Z directions in space. It can be used to measure the value of the magnetic field at any point in the corresponding area. The motion controller (numerical control system) used by the displacement system adopts high performance 32-bit CPU, driving device adopts subdivided stepping motor, equipped with liquid crystal display, fully enclosed touch operation keyboard. The mechanical transmission part adopts high-precision ball screw transmission. The system has the characteristics of high reliability, high precision, low noise and convenient operation. It can realize point, linear interpolation, circular interpolation and other operations. It has functions such as loop, jump and simple PLC. Simple and clear

Magnetic field measuring coil/detection coil/other customized coils

Customized Lab Magnetic Field Coil in stock has unique features and advantages such as adjustability, accuracy, uniformity, stability, versatility, customizability, and ease of integration, making it an indispensable and important tool in laboratory research and scientific experiments

Three-dimensional Helmholtz coil

Features of the three-dimensional coil: The magnetic field realizes the X, Y, and Z axial magnetic fields respectively, and the magnetic field per axis is generally lower. It is especially suitable for generating standard magnetic fields, cancellation and compensation of the earth's magnetic field, geomagnetic environment simulation, determination of magnetic shielding effect, electromagnetic interference simulation experiment, calibration of Hall probes and various magnetometers, research of biological magnetic field and magnetic properties of materials Research.   Coil model radius(mm) Central magnetic field (Gs) Evenness % Uniform sphere diameter(mm) Power range per dimension (W) One-dimensional weight (Kg) Three-dimensional weight (Kg) HLY30-50 300 50 5 200 420 55   1 150 HLY30-10 300 10 0.5 100 90-120 12 38 0.1 90 HLY30-2 300 2 0.05 60 18~32 3.5 11 0.01 40 HLY25-1000 250 1000 5 160 5000 500   1 125 HLY25-500 250 500 0.5 100 2500 250   0.1 75 HLY25-300 250 300 0.05 50 1600 150   0.01 33 HLY25-100 250 100 5 160 600 50   1 125 HLY25-50 250 50 0.5 100 300~620 30 138 0.1 75 HLY25-10 250 10 0.05 50 60~110 8 32 0.01 33 HLY25-2 250 2 5 160 12~18 4 14 1 125 HLY20-500 200 500 0.5 80 2000 160   0.1 60 HLY20-300 200 300 0.05 4

Three-dimensional solenoid

By controlling the current flow appropriately, choosing appropriate sizes and materials, maintaining good insulation, and considering the cooling system, you can use the newest magnetic field solenoid coil sources effectively and regulate and control the generated magnetic field as needed

Advanced Three Axis Helmholtz Coil: A Comprehensive Guide to Electromagnetic Devices

Introduction: Welcome to the comprehensive guide on advanced three-axis Helmholtz coils, essential electromagnetic devices in the field of electronic components and materials. In this article, we will delve into the working principles, applications, and significance of these coils. 1. Understanding Three-Axis Helmholtz Coils: Three-axis Helmholtz coils are sets of three individual coils arranged o

The Importance of Customized Three Axis Helmholtz Coil in Electromagnetic Devices

Table of Contents: 1. Introduction: Understanding the Role of Customized Three Axis Helmholtz Coil 2. The Basics of Electromagnetic Devices 3. What Is a Three Axis Helmholtz Coil? 4. Advantages of Customized Three Axis Helmholtz Coil 5. Applications of Three Axis Helmholtz Coil in Electromagnetic Devices 6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 7. Conclusion 1. Introduction: Understanding the Role of

Three Axis Helmholtz Coil from China: A Comprehensive Guide to Electromagnetic Equipment

Introduction: Electromagnetic equipment plays a pivotal role in various industries, enabling the efficient functioning of electronic devices. Among these components, the Three Axis Helmholtz Coil from China stands out as a crucial tool in the realm of electromagnetic devices. In this guide, we will delve into the fundamental aspects of this coil, its advantages, applications, and shed light on the

Achieve Optimal Magnetic Field Control with Wholesale Three Axis Helmholtz Coil

The wholesale three axis Helmholtz coil serves as a powerful tool in enabling precise manipulation and measurement of magnetic fields. Its uniformity, durability, and versatility make it an excellent choice for researchers, engineers, and manufacturers alike

Introduction to Three Axis Helmholtz Coil in the Field of Electromagnetic Devices

The Three Axis Helmholtz Coil is a crucial element in the realm of electromagnetic devices. It is extensively used in various industries, including electronic components, where it plays a significant role in creating and manipulating electromagnetic fields. This article aims to provide you with comprehensive insights into this device, its functioning principles, and its diverse applications. The T

Three-dimensional Displacement System can be used for large-scale infrastructure construction safety

The Three-dimensional Displacement System is a high-end technology for tracking ground deformation during large-scale infrastructure construction. Commonly used in giant projects such as bridges, highways, tunnels, and railways, it can help engineers monitor the safety and stability of infrastructure in real time.

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